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How to Find Manufacturers of Digital and Wired Components

A Hardware Supplier’s Directory contains information on the major manufacturers and independent representatives of digital and wired components. Information on distributors and assemblers is also provided. It is imperative to register on the hardware suppliers directory to avail of benefits such as timely notification via email or regular mail, free electronic newsletter, free web tutorials, online assistance and answers to frequently asked queries, free technical tips, and direct assistance through phone, chat, fax, and e-mails. The information in the directory is continuously updated on a weekly basis. Newer suppliers may be added or removed from the directory at any time.

Hardware Supplier’s Directory. This directory contains all known manufacturers and dealers of digital and wired components. Accredited by CTC Global, this database includes all hardware that has been approved for use by CTC Global. Contract manufacturers who have been authorized to vend CTC Global-certified products are listed at the end of the directory.

The information is complied from the manufacturers and dealers by Certified Computer Technology Consultants (CCTC). These CTCs have been granted accreditation by the CTIA, which is an industry organization responsible for recognizing, monitoring, and correcting the quality of computer components. The suppliers of the hardware are evaluated by CTC Global annually. In addition to the product information, this directory also provides contact information for manufacturers and distributors.

Most suppliers of digital and wired components keep detailed records on the type and number of their sold products, shipment data, sales and profit margin. This information is provided for both new and used digital and wired components. In addition, a brief description of the company and its history is provided. For distributors, the information on sales and customer service is usually provided.

Information on distributors and manufacturers may be obtained directly from them. A visit to the distributor’s site will provide details of what they are selling and how much they sell. For dealers, a visit to their local dealers will provide detailed information on what they are selling and how much. Some websites offer a complete record of a given distributor’s history, including customer service records.

The Record Company provides the manufacturers of computer hardware with a platform through which they can make themselves available to clients. They maintain a database that contains information on over one thousand manufacturers and distributors. They also keep a record of the manufacturer’s and distributor’s catalogues, trade shows, special events, and public media news. Another advantage of using the Record Company’s resources is that they enable the dealer to post information about special events, such as promotional price cuts or special sale events. Both new and used digital and wired components are posted on the website.