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Industrial Hardware Suppliers


A company that sells the computer hardware products and associated software also offers its associates a range of storage solutions. One of the company’s products is its Storage Products offering. This product consists of the company’s top-rated NAS devices, iSCSI SAN, iSCSI over Ethernet, iSCSI over Copper and iSCSI Flash products. All these storage solutions are designed to enable data storage requirements for an organization in today’s information technology environment. This ensures that the best of storage practices for a company are met, and that the storage requirements of a particular enterprise are fulfilled. The company’s other product offerings include its managed storage solutions, such as its Glacier management solution for small, medium and large enterprises, and its cloud storage offerings, such as its Virtual NAS and its Carbonite solutions.

Another industrial hardware supplier that offers storage products is Tektronix. This company manufactures a range of industrial hardware that are used in the manufacturing of electronic components. Some of the products offered by this company include its iMED storage system and its iMetal backup device. Tektronix also supplies the following storage products:

One other supplier of industrial hardware components is Pinnacle. This company supplies computer hardware and software for industrial and commercial purpose. Some of its products offered are its Plated drives, its NVMeraid cards, its rackmount powerstips and its industrial hardware thermal cooling solutions. These industrial hardware suppliers have been providing quality computer hardware components to a wide range of clients for more than a decade now. If you are looking for quality computer hardware components for your organization, it is important for you to contact one of these industrial hardware suppliers.